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​Three Fantastic Benefits of a Modern Monks Lifestyle

Barbara, 11 february 2018
​Three Fantastic Benefits of a Modern Monks Lifestyle

Three Fantastic Benefits of a Modern Monks Lifestyle


As you probably have noticed, the world as we know it, appears to be changing and evolving at a fairly rapid pace. We now have technology playing a role in everyday life, that just a decade ago, seemed like the stuff of pure science fiction. Yes, at the forefront of modern living is technology, but that doesn’t mean that we ourselves, have to live the entirety of our lives, in the future as opposed to the past. In a hectic world governed by technology, sometimes it pays to stop, take a deep breath, take two steps back, and to simply slow things down. This is where it pays to become a Modern Monk. But what is a Modern Monk? Well, by Modern Monk, we are in fact referring to the lifestyle. To be a Modern Monk is to be mindful, eco-friendly, socially and environmentally aware, compassionate, kind, generous, and selfless. The Modern Monk has a big heart and wants to share it with the world around them. Here, we’ll now take a look at three fantastic benefits of leading a Modern Monk lifestyle.


You make others feel better – One of the greatest thing about leading your life as a Modern Monk, is the fact that it helps promote mindfulness, which in turn helps you to feel benevolence and empathy for those around you. When you are mindful, you are aware of how your words and actions affect others, and you in turn make selfless decisions. Rather than making decisions that solely benefit you, you can instead make decisions that may benefit others. Before speaking for example, if you are mindful you will think about how your words may make others feel. Commenting on another person’s weight for example, will make them feel down about themselves and upset, and you will gain nothing positive from it. Even if the comment was intended with the most innocent of intentions, it may not be perceived that way, and you could therefore hurt the feelings of somebody you care about. The more mindful you are however, the more aware you become of your own actions and words. Therefore, you can do and say things that will make others feel good, rather than down.


Your physical and mental health will improve – At the forefront of the Modern Monk lifestyle, is the ancient art of Yoga, which has been practised for literally thousands of years. Yoga is an age-old form of physical exercise, with multiple health and wellness benefits associated with it. Yoga helps to improve flexibility, mobility, and core strength, making it great for overall physical fitness. However, Yoga also provides numerous psychological benefits in the process. Yoga involves deep breathing and a lot of concentration and focus. Overtime, this has been proven to provide numerous cognitive health benefits to the human brain, so your memory and cognitive functions are improved as a result.


You make the world a better place – Finally, the last benefit associated with living your life based upon that lead by a Modern Monk, is the fact that it helps you to make the world a better place. You spread happiness and joy, rather than sadness and negativity. You also make a conscious effort to improve the world which you reside on. Modern Monks are compassionate for all living creatures and beings, and they do everything in their power to help the environment around them. Modern Monks lead eco-friendly lifestyles and make eco-friendly choices which are beneficial to our wonderful world, rather than being detrimental. Many Yogis living their lives as Modern Monks for example, purchase natural, fully bio-degradable yoga mats for practicing their yoga on. Made from natural materials, and designed to fully bio-degrade and breakdown when eventually disposed of, these mats, along with other natural and eco-friendly products, help to make our world that little bit cleaner and healthier for all who reside here.



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